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Guaranty and management’s manual

Period of guaranty
1. The period of guaranty conceded it is of two years;
1.1 The period of guaranty starts from the date written in the invoice.

Guaranty’s object:
1. “Movoeste, Ld.ª”, concedes a guaranty to the furniture’s offices Conceptline made in its factory, including modules and doors.
1.1 “Movoeste, Ld.ª” constrains to make the repairing of the averages or the replacing of the modules components that present deteriorated by any manufacturing defect.
1.2 All the damage repairs in term, must be repaired by the Conceptline technical or others named by the enterprise. The detection of the eventual intervention of technical or strange workshops implies the cancellation of the present guaranty certificate and rehabilitates “Movoeste, Ld.ª” from all and any responsibility.
1.3 When not covered by the guaranty certificate, the costs of transportation, removal and reinstallation of the furniture and modules, and the dislocation of a technician to the installation’s place as well, will be cover to the person responsible for the complaint.


The complaint must be written in detail and followed by the invoice or copy, to be accept according to the law. It must also report the name and the telephone of the costumer and the installation’s local.


1. It is not cover by the present guaranty, periodical revisions, arrangements, management, implantation changing and conversations of any kind.
2. This guaranty it is not available in cases that do not result of a normal utilization of the equipment. Therefore are exclude:
2.1 Damages caused by accident and / or negligence; inadequate products or cleaning techniques; non genuine components utilization; changing impose by the costumer; irregular utilization or installation and inobservance of the Management Manual warning;
2.2 Damages caused by humidity or floods;
2.3 Damages caused by inadequate technique of burning, corrosive and / or chemical products: acetones and solvents apply direct or indirectly on the workbench and / or on furniture;
2.4 Damages caused by atmospheric conditions, fires, floods, disturbs, acts of war or similar;
3. This guaranty does not cover the complements not produced by “Movoeste, Ld.ª”, as plumbing, electric light fittings, water drain and others which eventually will be cover of guaranties given by the respective manufacturers or representative;
4. It is excluding of this guaranty the payment of any compensation for material or personal damages, caused direct or indirectly no matter what.


1. Never use your office’s furniture nor the respective equipment for a different purpose from that one it was built for;
2. Every time you use a cutting object on your workbench, you must protect it to prevent damages in your working plan.
3. Do not put hot recipients on your workbench, without protection;
4. Do not use cleaners and other chemicals as well, on your working plan and doors. These may damage surfaces and the furniture;
5. Never use abrasive or corrosive cleaners in the cleaning of furniture and equipments. Use preferably water with some cocoa or dish soap dilute in tepid water. You need to clean the furniture such as the equipment frequently.
6. Never use sponges and brushes made of steel or nylon and all kind of bleaches and acids.
7. Each time you open or close the doors and drawers, you should do it carefully and using always your hand until you finish one of these operations;
8. Never support yourself in your workbench nor in the doors of the furniture.
9. Do not load excessively drawers and shelves. The load must not exceed 10 grams per square centimetre.
10. Take care of your office with the same attention you gave it in the first day.

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