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About Us
“MOVOESTE” it is a medium Portuguese company expert in conception, manufacturing and commercialisation of furniture to doctor’s office and dental medical clinical.
From a rigorous selection of materials and the analysing of the needs of the user, together with an innovative design, our team of professionals created “Conceptline” with several products and services.

Design, functionally and the ergonomics are the main characteristics of “Conceptline’s” furniture. We guarantee the personalisation of the space and a correct distribution of all the medical instruments needed, becoming possible the modularity of the product, according to the space of the costumerst. It is with a team of professionals that this national trademark conceives, commercializes, produces and establishes the furniture with an extreme competitive relation Price/Quality.
The quality and the total satisfaction of the costumer are the most important objectives and the reasons that motivate all the “Conceptline’s” team.

First national trademark creating 3 D/ photorealism projects and budgets totally free, our policy is working to get the total satisfaction of the costumer: personalised and post selling service with guarantee technical assistance.
The “Conceptline” furniture is totally produced in Portugal, at the “Movoeste, Ld.ª” enterprise expert in manufacturing and commercialization of kitchen furniture, bathrooms and closets. “Movoeste, Ld.ª” it is been working in the national market for 20 years, and in 2001 decided to integrate in it’s sphere of action, the furniture for medical clinical and laboratories.
The enterprise has certified in 2000 its quality system, by SGS and according to the NP EN ISO 9001 norm, on which included the “Conceptline’s” line.

Quality it is a determinant factor in the enterprise’s competitiveness, allowing a continuous valorisation of processes, products and services.

This way, we commit ourselves with our costumers in a quality policy, with the purpose of giving a personalised offering of products and services, such as the introduction of continuous improving techniques of our products, processes and services, accomplishing the law on what concerns a good ambient and security at the working place.

You can visit our web sit and have a look to “Movoeste”, kitchens and equipments.

The “Conceptline’s” line is distinguished for the modular nature of the elements and the infinitive possibilities of composition, proposing with the several models an altering in the doctor’s office’s concept. By introducing colour, we ally the design to a space so technique, because we believe that changing spaces, thoughts by professionals, turn it even more comfortable, functional and coloured. The well-being can be a profit of the user and the people that work there as well and, in the same way, to those who frequent the doctor’s offices.

You can visualise all the modules, finishing, colours, accessories in the site or, instead, visit our installations. It will be a pleasure receiving you.

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